Letters to the Editor

Clotheslines are a thing of beauty

In the Nov. 6 Tribune, right underneath the scarily titled article “Greenland is melting away,” was an article that made me smile: “Laundry liberation: California becomes a ‘right to dry’ state” (Commentary).

Hooray for Gov. Brown! It has always both puzzled and angered me that various entities (condo parks, homeowners associations and even cities such as Irvine) prohibited the use of clotheslines. Not only is this unfair to poor people, it is also a travesty in terms of energy use (and therefore, global warming).

Especially in California, where sunshine is plentiful, it is a shame to discourage this benign practice.

The argument that clotheslines are unsightly has a simple rejoinder: People just need to think about the future of the planet and adjust their attitudes. I, for one, think clotheslines are beautiful.

If you want to do more for the future of mankind than using a clothesline, check out the website of the Citizens’ Climate Lobby.

Bob Wolf, San Luis Obispo