Letters to the Editor

The Freedom Caucus of Republicans is politcally treasonous

Personally, I oppose the death penalty for even the most heinous crimes. However I would support the public hanging of the so-called Freedom Caucus of Republicans, which I consider guilty of high treason in its blanket opposition to the process of government and its willingness to “monkey wrench” the gears, crippling the U.S. politically, financially, and taking our international leadership position into the toilet.

They have the same goals as our sworn enemies! Some folks adhere to the “go until you get stopped” philosophy, and it is time that they were.

The treasonous behavior of this group in the attempt to hobble the U.S. government deserves the the highest form of public punishment. They have violated their oath of office and have gone too far for too long. It is time they paid the price for their behavior.

Jim Long, Shell Beach