Letters to the Editor

There’s energy — and money — to be saved

How much energy and money could we save with a couple hours’ worth of time?

I recently tried a new restaurant in downtown San Luis Obispo. While sitting there eating a delicious meal, I noticed that all of the lights had old-fashioned incandescent light bulbs. A quick look showed most were 60-watt bulbs. I counted 30 lights in the place.

Plugging that into a lighting calculator, I see that replacing those 30 60-watt bulbs with LED bulbs would cost about $165 upfront, but they would make up that cost in just two months of energy bills. And then they would save the restaurant about $800 every year — probably more since those old light bulbs give off a lot of heat, adding to air conditioning costs. More importantly, all that energy saved means less need for building more power plants.

How much energy and money could we save if every business and homeowner did the same?

Bill Bradlee, San Luis Obispo