Letters to the Editor

Distrust for politicians and editorial sections

Here’s an idea, let’s stop the misleading statements, lies and attempts at obfuscation on both sides, shall we? Then maybe we can get our leaders to do the same. This goes on in these editorial pages on a daily basis.

The most egregious examples lately are the letters condemning one letter writer for saying that third-world countries, and their poverty, are a fertile breeding ground for communism. While this may or may not be true, the letters excoriating him by pointing out that somewhere around 1 in 7 families in the U.S. live in poverty are misleading and disingenuous. The poverty level in the U.S. for a family of four is $23,850. One-third of the rest of the world’s population lives on $2 a day. While families under the poverty level in the U.S. struggle to get by with an iPhone 4, fully one-third of the world’s population struggles to just find clean drinking water.

This is why I distrust politics and politicians — and editorial sections.

Gary Lyons, Atascadero