Letters to the Editor

Dr. Ben Carson is viable

Now that Dr. Ben Carson has become a viable candidate, the attack on his character, by the progressive left, has begun. It would be terrible if we elected a man who:

▪  was raised by a mother who worked two jobs, without public assistance.

▪  worked and studied hard to become famous in the field of pediatric neurosurgery.

▪  is a man of integrity, common sense and Biblical-based values.

▪  is a problem-solver who assembled a group of medical professionals who worked together to separate twins joined at the head at birth.

▪  is not a politician, but a man who would listen to the advice of his Cabinet members and military advisers and make a decision based on what’s best for the people, not his political career.

No doubt the progressive left has assembled a “task force” to dig up some “dirt” on Carson to discredit his character and his ability to be president. Good luck!

William B. Honeycutt, Arroyo Grande