Letters to the Editor

Thanks for SLO road fixes

Will Powers’ letter to the editor on Oct. 21 suggested we send a note of “thanks” to San Luis Obispo City Manager Katie Lichtig for our bumpy rides on city streets.

In contrast to what Will mentioned as an inept use of funds, however, I want to thank her and city staff for the effort that is being made to make the streets, sidewalks and bikeways of San Luis Obispo — some of the best in the county, if not the state. I feel the city of SLO has done a superb job at maintaining and in many cases improving the quality of our city travel ways for all users. This has been especially difficult, but necessary, as state and federal regulations, as well as public modes of travel (car, bike and walking) have required the city to address deficiencies in not only paved streets, but also on sidewalks and paths used by cyclists and pedestrians.

Every time I get out and about in San Luis Obispo, whether it is in my car, on my bike or on foot, I am continually thankful for how hard the city is working at making my travels comfortable, safer and more convenient.

Barry Rands, San Luis Obispo