Letters to the Editor

Unacceptable risks

Al Fonzi’s self-serving reassurances (“Fear campaign against Phillips 66,” Oct. 9) that it is going to be OK, and there is nothing to worry about — and if this is inevitable, we might as well just lie back and enjoy — are preposterous and very condescending.

I feel violated, abused and offended by these people at Phillips 66.

They told me to my face more than three years ago during a meeting with residents of Monarch Dunes at the Monarch Club in Nipomo that oil comes into their facility via pipeline and product goes out via pipeline.

I asked about trucks, because of improvements being made to the Willow Road interchange on Highway 101: “No extra trucks; we do pipelines,” they said.

Unfortunately, I did not ask about trains. Sorry, my bad.

We on the Nipomo Mesa agreed to not oppose the expand-capacity permit, which was in the works with San Luis Obispo County then.

My wife and I spent our life savings buying our retirement home here. A crude oil rail yard fewer than 1,000 yards away puts us in the blast zone!

Mr. Fonzi says the risks are acceptable.

If there was not a huge risk, we would not even be hearing from Fonzi, because he is in the risk acceptance and reassurance business.