Letters to the Editor

Health facility needed

In my 13 years as an administrator at San Luis Obispo High School, including nine as principal, I worked with many distraught parents whose children suffered from serious mental health problems.

Self-destructive behavior was a frequent and terrifying symptom.

When hospitalization was required, the only options available were no closer than Santa Barbara and Ventura, as far away as Palo Alto, or even out of state.

The hardships for everyone involved were incredible and heartbreaking.

It is laudable that we are trying hard to provide more support for the homeless in our county.

Should we not be providing the same support for those in our community with lifethreatening psychiatric disorders?

From my experience, and from the experience of parents such as Sherrie Medinger (“SLO County residents struggle to find treatment for mental illness,” investigative series, Oct. 11), there is only one responsible answer.

I urge the county Planning Commission and the Board of Supervisors to support the proposed new facility in Templeton.