Letters to the Editor

Sports criticism

I was really discouraged when I read the front page of the Sports section on Sunday, Oct. 11.

Poly Drops Ball,” was the main headline, with “Kori Garcia muffs a pitch in OT...,” in large font and the photo caption read, “Cal Poly’s Kori Garcia (24) loses control of the ball. ...”

Also, out of the two pictures printed about the story, the largest, central photo is the shot of Garcia missing the catch.

Geez, people, the poor guy. He probably already feels bad enough for dropping the ball.

Why does the front page of our town’s newspaper have to point such negative fingers and remind him again and again about his mistake?

My 11-year-old, whose dream is to become a professional football player, read this and commented, “I don’t like Garcia ... he messed it up.”

Let’s keep the article positive even after a loss. Let’s praise Garcia’s efforts and not bag on his failure. Let’s support our local athletes and consider who may be reading these sports articles.