Letters to the Editor

Focus on polluters

It’s no surprise that environmentalists are against any project concerning oil, but they have to realize that California has the most strict and stringent environmental regulations in the entire world.

When you really get down to the numbers, California boasts the eighth-largest economy globally, and we account for less than 1 percent of global emissions.

If we want to fix the world, we need to focus on the real polluters, because it sure isn’t California.

Regarding the actual Phillips 66 project, it is an extension of rail off an already existing rail track, which already runs through the property. Many like to think this project is something that will destroy our community, but Phillips 66 and Union Pacific have an impeccable record of safety.

For those of you who don’t know, oil already flows from one end of our county to the other by rail. This extension will allow those trains to now stop at the Phillips 66 refinery and help optimize efficiency. I do not believe that the voices of a few are the beliefs of the whole community; we need to stand up as one and get this project done!