Letters to the Editor

Remember Bush?

After reading Judith Wiltse’s response (“Watch for the facts,” Oct. 8) to Clive Finchamp’s letter (“Ready for Hillary,” Oct. 2), I am simply amazed at the short memory that people have.

She states: “We are in major trouble right now thanks to (Barack) Obama.” Judith, you must have forgotten where we were in January 2009, after eight years of George W. Bush: worst economic decline in decades, Wall Street run amok, layoffs, huge deficits and still no “Mission Accomplished” in Iraq. To quote you, I could “go on and on and on.” I promise, you won’t hear any of the Republican candidates ask, “Are you better off now than you were eight years ago,” because they know the answer.

Hillary Clinton may not be perfect, but she certainly is qualified. You speak of Benghazi, so why not compare her to former Secretary of State Condoleezza Rice? She held in her hand a presidential briefing regarding Osama bin Laden’s intent to attack the U.S. — and did nothing. Three thousand died, not four.

And surely you have heard what Rep. Kevin McCarthy had to say about the Benghazi investigation and political motivation? If not, perhaps you should follow your own suggestion and watch a news station that provides the “facts,” and I highly doubt that would be Fox News.