Letters to the Editor

No solutions

Re: Brad Humphrey’s letter of Oct. 5 (“Stop gun violence”): As usual with these letters, it was all sound and fury with no solutions. Years ago, liberals made an issue of housing people with mental health problems. Thousands were discharged from mental hospitals with little or no supervision. Anyone think that action may be one link to why there is more senseless violence today?

There are a few people in this world who are just violently evil; no one can reason with an evil person. The majority of the population are good people who just want to work, raise a family and live a peaceful life (look up the Sheepdog Analogy). Trying to eliminate the actions of evil people by making the peaceful people helpless is an endeavor doomed to failure.

Another fact overlooked amid the hysteria of the Oregon tragedy is that the common sense gun laws touted by the media were in effect in Oregon well before this latest incident. So the common sense laws didn’t work but still, no one is blaming the evil shooter.

My suggestions: no early release from jail/prison for those convicted of violent crimes. Death penalty cases get one review. Defense attorneys get all their arguments in at the beginning. No parade of defense motions to drag the case out. Put the effort into mental health treatment instead of enacting onerous gun control legislation.