Letters to the Editor

Psych facility needed

As a resident of Templeton, I would like to weigh in on the very important issue of the proposed psychiatric facility — for I think there are some unmet needs amongst our mentally ill people that are definitely not being met in our county and overlooked by some who are opposed to the facility.

The small facility we currently have does not take those on Medicare or with private insurance — wow! Does anyone think that only those with Medicaid or no insurance have mental health issues? Guess again!

So many of us have someone with varying degrees of mental illness within our extended families — or in our neighborhood — and the fact there is no local place for inpatient care puts a stress on them and their families both emotionally and fiscally, for many cannot afford to take off work to be with those in their family who are ill if they must go out of county.

And I am not talking about the criminally insane, but those who have varying degrees of mental illness that make their lives and those of their families difficult at best.