Letters to the Editor

The real truth

Allen Litten, in his Oct. 6 letter (“Tell the truth”), is not happy with Paul Krugman’s column (“The blackmail caucus, aka the Republican Party,” Aug. 29). I am not defending Krugman or the column, but I do want to respond to Mr. Litten’s comments, particularly about “liberal policies bringing the country down.”

The economic indicators indicate the country is doing very well and in a recovery mode from the disastrous recession brought upon the country by failed Republican policies. The stock market averages are at an all-time high, the employment rate is much improved and there are no major auto companies going bankrupt, to name a few.

Granted, we do have some problems like the never-ending wars in the Middle East, which were started by President George W. Bush (not a liberal!). Also, the poor state of our roads, bridges and railroads, for which the Republicans resist to allow funding. Not to mention the miserable load of student debt. It was not liberal policies that made it easy for banks and private schools to be so generous in allowing this huge debt to grow. Oh, yes, the fiscal debt and federal deficits are much better than under Ronald Reagan!

Space and time do not allow me to bring forth more facts to tell the general public the truth.