Letters to the Editor

Ultimate solution

John Peschong, whose public relations company works for Supervisor Debbie Arnold, doesn’t take his argument (“A wasting of people’s labors,” Oct. 4) to its logical conclusion.

His ultimate solution, which he fails to disclose, is to fire government employees. Follow the dots in the quotes: “Local governments, in particular, have boomed from 4 million employees in the 1950s to over 14 million today.” “Government employee wages are one of the biggest expenses that use tax dollars.” “Conservatives believe in smaller, more efficient government.”

At the same time that he’s cutting government jobs, losing their tax revenue and having to deal with a whole new category of the unemployed, he wants to eliminate nonessential services rather than asking those who use them to contribute. “If it’s a service the county is providing, liberals will raise fees to continue providing the service.” Please remember this when you vote, particularly if you are a government employee and/or use nonessential services, such as public golf courses. His firm works for Debbie Arnold.