Letters to the Editor

No dogs for diners

Since when did it become fashionable to bring a dog into a restaurant?

I’m sure the dog owner gets a kick out of it. And far too many hostesses are far too accommodating when dog-toting patrons ask for a seat. (“Oh, it’s so cute! I’m a dog lover too!”)

Well, guess what? It isn’t cute and not everyone loves them, like the majority of us who gag at the notion of bringing an animal into a restaurant.

Some have taken to claiming that their dogs are service animals, providing them comfort. If you’re so emotionally challenged that you need a service animal for comfort, then what are you doing in a restaurant?

Observing the way you preen as you take your seat, it occurs to me that the only “service” your dog affords is vanity.

Restaurant owners: You have the right to refuse service to someone for no shirt and no shoes. Why serve someone so inconsiderate of others that they bring their dog?

Two nights in row I’ve been in a local restaurant when people with dogs were seated next to me. So, I employed my own service policy: No consideration, no tip. Pretty cute, eh?