Letters to the Editor

No second chances

The Tribune’s article on June 11, “EPA to set rules for airplane emissions,” from The New York Times, left out this phrase:

“Republicans attacked the EPA announcement, calling it another example of what they have criticized as Obama’s regulatory overreach.”

With that, it seems our leadership is challenged to match “corporate influence” with “regulatory overreach.”

Let those who disagree step aside and allow for one last chance to make a difference in our carbon emissions. There will not be second chances in this game.

If Citizens’ Climate Lobby does not succeed in its nine-year effort to see a nationally legislated, revenue-neutral carbon fee and dividend program, climate change could simply continue on “autopilot” straight up as all of the carbon stored in our oceans and tundras experience upsetting balances and begin to belch away.

This is no joke. Unless an effective market price is put on the carbon emissions, there will continue to be no moderating effect upon our use of fossil fuel energy.

Naomi Klein in “This Changes Everything” said that Richard Branson’s promise to make his Virgin Airlines run on biofuel was never realized. Regulations must be required when promises fail to materialize.