Letters to the Editor

Victims twice over

To be victimized by fund managers’ criminal acts and losing our retirement nest egg is devastating enough. We have also been abused by our judicial system.

A judge new to the Real Property Lenders case — which has inexcusably dragged on for over four years — has personally decided that the defendants didn’t mean to defraud anyone. What gives this judge the authority and knowledge to decide that these people didn’t mean to commit any crimes?

This case was finally going to trial, and that’s where the determination should be made, based on facts presented from all sides — not a judge’s erroneous assumption. Evidence of criminal acts were discerned years ago, when charges were filed.

Our judicial system is not working and should be completely overhauled.

Few people can afford attorney fees, cases drag on forever (making attorneys wealthy in the process) and judges too often misuse their authority.

Taxpayers fund salaries and nice retirement packages to public officials who often do not serve us properly.

Judge Donald Umhofer should recuse himself so an impartial judge can preside over this trial.