Letters to the Editor

Protect the future

Kudos to Ariana Brandao, an articulate Cal Poly student whose June 22 letter to the editor made a call for “ethical responsibility” from the community of San Luis Obispo and its county officials in derailing the spur that is proposed to send dangerous oil trains through our county.

I would add that the impact and risk of such transport does not just affect the citizens of the Central Coast, but rather every community along the train’s path from Canada. The issue is that, we, the citizens of San Luis Obispo County, are the ones who make the choice for the millions of people and beautiful land potentially harmed by such a decision.

I urge you to call your county supervisors and make your feelings known.

This is not something we get to vote on — this requires proactive concern on our part.

We need to leave Ariana and her generation an environment that we have protected, not exploited.