Letters to the Editor

Mind the mammals

With all the whale activity this week, now may be a good time for people to understand how to view these magnificent creatures: from a distance.

As stated on the National Oceanic and Atmospheric Administration’s website, the public needs to be reminded that dolphins, whales, seals and sea lions are protected species, and harming or disturbing them can be a violation of federal law, known as the Marine Mammal Protection Act.

Unmanned aircraft systems, also known as model aircraft or drones, can be disruptive to both people and animals if not used safely, appropriately and responsibly; know that the Marine Mammal Protection law will be enforced if there is a violation.

Personally, I find drones annoying; however, with education, regulation and licensing, they may hold some value. Amateurs using unmanned aircraft systems should not be allowed in sensitive habitats, including oceans, forests and private property.

Let’s prove that “common sense” is not just an oxymoron.