Letters to the Editor

Where’s the beef?

I thought it might be helpful to point out a lack of a constitutional nexus in Alan Martyn’s letter (June 16) lamenting Joe Tarica’s comment wishing (not demanding) that Rush Limbaugh would shut up (Feb. 22).

Marxist inclination? Totalitarian view? Seems like Mr. Tarica has as much right to state how Mr. Limbaugh offends him as Mr. Martyn has to state how Mr. Tarica’s hush-Rush wish offends him.

I agree with Alan Martyn that everyone should use their on/off/mute/delete buttons as needed when others that they do not agree with blather on. But I also acknowledge that everyone, including Tarica and Martyn, has a right to publicly complain about what they are compelled to mute or turn off.

Seems like everything is working just fine in terms of free speech, meaning we should be safe from potential communist overthrow via anyone’s editorial view published in the newspaper.

Makes me think of the old TV commercial tag line of, “Where’s the beef?”