Letters to the Editor

Don’t derail Coast

The issue of Phillips 66 proposing to send dangerous oil trains through San Luis Obispo County from Canada to their Nipomo Mesa refinery is of great concern to me because a possible derailment is larger than just an explosion or fire that can be cleaned.

The future of watersheds, air, land, people, schools and businesses along the Central Coast are all being risked.

The decision made by county officials does not only impact the air quality from diesel pollution and risk derailment for us along the Central Coast, but it also imposes health and environmental degradation to communities all along the railroad from Canada to San Luis Obispo.

The impact from the oil trains will damage health and property in communities beyond what immediately surrounds us.

This is a call for ethical responsibility.

In the end, what truly needs to happen is a rethinking of how our society can serve communities — not corporations — and how we can re-create a society where Earth’s lifesupport system and the human culture-sphere are in harmony with each other.

As a current student at Cal Poly, I am believing in and working toward this future reality. Please, do not let Phillips 66 derail our future.