Letters to the Editor

Help mental health

There was a time I identified with, and held the worried feelings of, those who oppose the proposed mental health facility in Templeton.

That was before serious mental illness hit my family — seemingly overnight and without warning. Luckily, confined treatment was available locally, as travel of any long distance was impractical, given the nature of the illness.

I realize now that my original feelings about mental illness were unwarranted, fueled by stigma.

Our collective worry should not be that a facility will bring the mentally ill into our communities — they are already here — but that our loved ones so afflicted will not receive timely and effectual treatment that stabilizes their condition and places them on the path to recovery.

Wherever we may live on our beloved Central Coast, we all desire the goal of a safe and amicable local community. This facility is a necessary and positive step toward that goal.