Letters to the Editor

America loves war

Paul Krugman’s commentary, “America was lied into the war in Iraq” (May 19) was spot on. Americans sacrifice their kids to support doublespeak wars; Vietnam (Gulf of Tonkin Resolution) never holding Johnson, Nixon or the CIA accountable for lying. Today, Bush and Cheney lied. Why?

Answer: We love war! It’s exciting and makes for great movies! We love warriors and the image of America’s steroid power.

We tax payers love paying trillions of dollars for the image of power. Its good business: Halliburton made $40 billion war related profit and paid CEO Dick Cheney a $34 million exit package (Dec. 26, 2014, Daily Kos).

Another doublespeak: America is the No. 1 arms seller in the world, with weapons in one hand and an olive branch in the other. Congress supports the sale of arms to foreign countries and believes it is important for U.S. security; ISIS thinks so, too. This is a small price to pay for freedom. After all, just ask yourself who made the money and who is getting killed? We send our kids to kill, be killed and maimed based on lies. Who is responsible? Next time you look in a mirror ask yourself that question. Jesus wept.