Letters to the Editor

Local stewards

Many of us choose to live in this area because of the implementation of policies that continue to preserve and enhance the quality of life we all enjoy.

Letter writer Richard Placak (“Decaying liberty,” June 12) sees smart growth and the bans on plastic bags and Styrofoam as a loss of liberty. To him, this is “tyranny”?

To preserve his political/ideological purity, would he prefer all open space be built out (like Los Angeles) and that plastic bags continue to litter the landscape?

Styrofoam breaks down into smaller and smaller pieces, never goes away and therefore can enter the food chain and end up on Mr. Placak’s dinner plate. This eroded quality of life may be how things are in the poorest of thirdworld countries.

But we Americans living in the 21st century don’t choose to live that way and are appreciative of our elected officials who choose to be responsible stewards of our beautiful and beloved San Luis Obispo.