Letters to the Editor

Not a ‘Democratic’

Calling a Democrat a Democrat is an insult (“Hypocritical language,” Letter to the Editor, June 11)? Calling a Democrat a “Democratic” is the distortion. Calling the Democrat Party liberal requires a new definition of liberal — one who likes socialism and dislikes most things that classic (original) liberals believe in. Would a group of people in the Democrat Party be called Democratics? Democratics won’t even pass a spell check in Microsoft Word.

Capturing the term democratic (all political parties in the U.S. are democratic) and pretending the color of the left is blue, when everyone knows it is red, is another such distortion.

If you are a member of the Democrat Party you are a Democrat, not a Democratic. Democrat is a noun (person, place or thing), and democratic is an adjective (it describes or modifies a person, place or thing). Extremists may think Democrat equals rat, but it’s not because of the spelling; Republican ends in “I can!” So what?

In Europe and the rest of the world, today’s “Democrats” are called Socialist-Democrats (a more accurate label), and Libertarians are called Liberals.