Letters to the Editor

Playing politics?

Re: “Morro Bay hiring raises questions”:

As a Morro Bay resident, I was interested until I continued through the article and saw the names of those criticizing the manager and City Council’s decision:

Joan Solu, a former candidate for City Council, and Janice House, a vocal critic of the hiring of the manager. Since we have no “primary election” this year, is this the beginning of next year’s campaign for mayor and council positions?

Oh, no, I hope not! We are all tired of endless campaigning in Morro Bay and welcome taking a break from “campaign strategy” and stirring up possible issues to be used for campaigns next year. This whole subject just tries to cause trouble where none exists and smells to high heaven of political game playing. We have a new manager and now a new deputy manager who deserves to start out in Morro Bay on a positive note.

We are looking forward to his energy to get our town advancing in a new direction. I support Mr. Buckingham’s method for hiring Mr. Taylor (free of local baggage), and I’m sure these two men will do a fine job for the citizens of Morro Bay. Let’s give them a chance.