Letters to the Editor

Empower women

It is not surprising that California is suffering from a drought. One main cause of this being overpopulation.

With over seven billion people on this planet, something needs to be done to slow the growth of population and the use of our natural resources.

One effective resolution is woman empowerment and spreading the knowledge of ways to prevent unwanted pregnancies.

With women being able to control their reproduction comes fewer females suffering from poverty, less females having to rely on welfare and overall a more successful society.

Low-income women should not feel ashamed for wanting to control their family size. Being bombarded by shouting protesters when walking into Planned Parenthood can be intimidating to anyone, especially young girls.

We as a society need to encourage female education in regards to their bodies and choices. This in turn will help reduce population growth, which would have a positive effect on our ability to care for the planet and its resources.