Letters to the Editor


Richard Placak’s laments in his letter “Decaying liberty” (June 12) underscore the consequences of the major problem facing the world today: too many people.

Too many trash bags were not a big problem when they were introduced by large supermarket chains in 1982, but when the population in San Luis Obispo County soared from 1982’s 166,000 to the present more than 276,000 people, plastic trash started showing up everywhere, and lawmakers took notice by outlawing them (and, thus, impinging on Placak’s “liberty”).

When you consider that this type of situation is happening all over the world, the only solution, temporary that it is, is to curtail everyone’s “liberties,” so that they can fit in without unduly impinging on each other.

There are too many people wanting a piece of land, too many people driving cars, too many people using water, and in a lot of countries, too many people wanting enough food to keep them alive.

As our county population continues to grow, more and more “liberties” will continue to “decline.”