Letters to the Editor

What voters wanted

With regard to Tom Fulks’ op-ed of May 24 (“Don’t be surprised when ideologues turn on the people who elect them”): I submit that Supervisors Debbie Arnold and Lynn Compton are voting exactly as their supporters wish. The parliamentary shenanigans used by them were used when the so-called “liberals” were the majority.

As for the “facts” used by Ms. Compton, facts are only true if verified. But who does that anymore?

What she or Ms. Arnold say or allege is what their supporters want to hear. The voters in their respective districts voted for what these two stated they would do if elected, and they are doing it.

Using the term ideologues on them is like saying two of the other three supervisors aren’t. If the voters in their district don’t buy into the somewhat unbending ideology of Ms. Arnold and Ms. Compton, they will be unseated in some future election.

Until that time, the wishes of the majority who voted them in should be honored or at least respected.