Letters to the Editor

Support Avila plan

I am a seventh-generation Californian and one of the founding fathers of the Port San Luis Harbor District. I served on the Port San Luis Harbor District for 32 years.

I am writing today regarding the proposed improvement to the 25-acre parcel adjacent to the other harbor land.

We purchased this area from the Marre interests for $500,000 more than 20 years ago. We borrowed the money from the state of California with a low-interest loan, and this loan has been repaid.

Over the years, the Harbor District and staff have consulted with engineers, architects and others regarding future development. If these improvements are completed as outlined in our plan, it will make the area a gem on the Central Coast.

The proposal improvements are composed of an RV park, camping sites, bungalow/cabin units, a restaurant, daily parking, boat parking and other harbor/commercial uses. One of the big points of the plan is to remove the RVs that now park on the roadside.

I was born and raised in San Luis Obispo, and I have devoted more than 50 years of my life planning and studying the best use for this beautiful hillside area. Let’s all work together to complete this plan.