Letters to the Editor

Building in drought

My husband and I have almost made a game out of seeing how much water we can conserve. We have low-flush toilets and a shower with instant hot water. We shower, shampoo, launder, wash dogs, do dishes and flush less often than we used to.

After talking to friends and neighbors and seeing brown lawns and dying trees, I think everyone seems to be holding up their end of the stick, with one glaring exception.

Often we read in the newspaper an article about saving water, right next to an article about some big new building project being approved.

If you are in any position to be making decisions for the rest of us (mayor, supervisor, councilman, commissioner, etc.) and have put your stamp of approval on any of these projects, shame on you. Shame on you.

I am neither no-growth or pro-growth, but I am all about responsible growth, and there is nothing responsible about approving large-scale construction during this drought.

We are all in this (dry) boat together, and it will go better for all of us, including politicians and contractors, if we are rowing in the same direction.