Letters to the Editor

Divided highway

In South County between Nipomo and Arroyo Grande, we have a highway divided by more than the median.

On the west side are former owners of the Bartleson Ranch, who have shown care and compassion for their land and industry by donating 450 acres to Cal Poly to maintain the land in agriculture in perpetuity.

On the east side, we have a greedy owner attempting to shoehorn 102 mega-mansions in an exurban agricultural cluster development with the proposed Laetitia development.

The availability of groundwater on both sides of the freeway is already compromised in the form of several dry wells. Laetitia is proposing to exacerbate this problem by increasing groundwater extraction by 20 to 26 percent.

Presently, the Planning Commission is scheduled to review this project at their July 9 meeting. Please express your thoughts regarding this proposal to your planning commissioner and/or county supervisor.