Letters to the Editor

Templeton knows

I live in Templeton. I know Templeton. I expect that the multitudes who live elsewhere, but support the proposed psychiatric health facility, are doing so because they know little to nothing about what it means to call Templeton home.

Yes, there is a need for quality mental health care in San Luis Obispo County, but to conclude that the Templeton Area Advisory Group is “uninformed” about the project? Seriously?

Who better than those of us who live here to know exactly what kind of magnitude the proposed project will have on the Las Tablas Road corridor? Locals will be adversely impacted by the proposed project’s size and location.

With the addition of the new homes already under construction nearby (in the imaginary “North County Medical Zone”), plus the long-term senior care “Coming Soon” (also nearby in the imaginary “North County Medical Zone”), the proposed psychiatric health facility will, in essence, be built in a fairly substantial “residential zone.”

The proposed psychiatric health facility is a poor fit at the proposed site in Templeton. Acknowledging that doesn’t mean that Templeton residents are “uninformed.” It means we are in a unique position to recognize reality.