Letters to the Editor

Stop rail project

On Monday at 6:30 p.m. at the San Luis Obispo Public Library, there will an organizing meeting for local residents who want to stop the Phillips 66 oil train terminal project.

Their proposal to bring mile-long trains — each filled with 2.4 million gallons of toxic and explosive oil through our county every day for the next 20 years — creates significant risk to life and property, especially for the 35 percent of county residents who live within the “blast zone” of a derailment.

This is why nurses, teachers, parents, first responders and city councils across our county and state are opposing this project. Only San Luis Obispo County residents have the power to stop it because Phillips 66 needs a building permit for a new rail terminal.

All of the refined oil will go to Asia. Phillips gets all the profits, and we get all the risks: derailments, spills, fires, explosions, pollution, lowered property values and 29 county schools in the blast zone.

Help us inform and educate our neighbors as well as our supervisors, or contact us at http://protectslo.org.