Letters to the Editor

Thirsty times ahead

After reading the article on the Righetti and Jones Ranch projects (May 24), I asked myself why I put in a rainwater collection system, installed a permeable driveway, planted drought-tolerant plants, stand in a bucket while taking a shower and only occasionally flush the toilet.

Once again, the San Luis Obispo City Council has demonstrated its appalling lack of foresight in approving these projects.

Why are we expected to reduce water consumption when developers appear to have carte blanche without any consideration being given to incorporating water conservation elements into their projects? According to Travis Fuentez, San Luis Obispo is “starved for housing.”

Is he oblivious to the fact that we are in the fourth year of a drought that most weather experts expect to be the norm for the foreseeable future?

We may be “starved for housing,” but we’re going to be damn thirsty if this develop at all costs mentality continues.