Letters to the Editor

A climate solution

For global warming “skeptics,” the climate record starts at 1998 (“Experts: Global warming ‘hiatus’ a myth,” June 7), because that was an exceptionally hot El Niño year, and the following years took a while to catch up.

But looking back 50 years, the rising trend is unmistakable and unprecedented in human history.

The “hiatus” argument is a distraction from the reality we can all see: intense droughts, record rains, floods, insect infestations and beachfront properties losing ground.

Ninety-seven percent of climate scientists and every professional scientific organization in America with expertise connected to the climate agree that climate change must not be ignored.

British Columbia has implemented a carbon tax that is revenue neutral, popular and that hasn’t kept British Columbia from exceeding Canada’s growth rate.

We could improve on that in the U.S. with a “fee and dividend” approach. Apply a low, but steadily rising fee on fossil fuels at the wellhead and mine, and rebate all the proceeds back to American households in equal shares.

Besides rapidly reducing emissions, this plan would put extra consumer buying power into the hands of folks who have been left behind in the current economic recovery.