Letters to the Editor

Difficult human race

When one considers how quickly Homo sapiens spread from Africa, covering most of the world in some 100,000 years, one can’t help but be astounded.

In order to overcome the countless problems that confronted these unique animals, it becomes evident that here was a creature endowed with a biologic drive that warranted no opposition.

Early humans united to hunt the huge animals living near them, which demanded not only prudence, but also organization and skill to create the weapons that could kill these creatures.

With evolution, there evolved what is known as the agricultural revolution, with humans creating social communities — thus beginning a period of construction, destruction and the power to achieve both.

Upon reading history, one certainly realizes just how combative humans can be; either as individuals or in groups. Not a day goes by without some report of a murder or an account of strife. There is also little or no effort to control the population explosion, which is becoming a crucial problem.

This information should make one realize that humans are demanding and highly destructive, but capable of the most wondrous creations.

Happy 90th, Bill Denneen.