Letters to the Editor

Decaying liberty

First, it was smart growth which, when fully implemented, will prevent people from choosing where they can live.

Next, a plastic bag ban, which penalizes merchants if they give a customer a plastic bag in which to carry home their purchases.

Now, a ban on Styrofoam containers has been implemented. This is liberty denied to us by politicians and unelected bureaucrats whose sole goal in life is to exercise control over us.

Perhaps you don’t care about smart growth, plastic bag bans and Styrofoam bans. What’s next? At some point, a liberty that you value will be taken away from you.

With government actions during the present drought, it may be the water under your land, or another possession or freedom that you treasure.

This is the way liberty is lost: one little piece at a time until all liberty is lost. Look around, it’s happening now.

Do you want to live under tyranny? Do you want your children to live under tyranny? Be informed, speak up and understand who and what you are voting for.