Letters to the Editor

Satire sadly true

I read with a hearty chuckle Tom Fulks’ opinion piece in the Sunday paper (“The mysterious workings of voters’ minds,” June 7). His observations about Debbie Arnold and Lynn Compton are spot-on.

Sadly, his satirical explanation of the definition of “conservative” and its paradoxes is all too true. The majority of today’s conservatives default to a self-centered rather than other-centered position.

If one follows the logic of the “My rights are inviolable” mentality to its zenith, then it naturally follows that maintaining a narrowly focused status quo in our relationships with each other is the single unifying concept.

If we all stop learning, growing and changing, then there will be no need to redefine anything, including how we conduct ourselves and relate to the world.

So, to such a mind, intellectual stagnation is liberty, the loftiest goal of conservatism. Let the old ways continue ad infinitum, and don’t you dare tell me what I can’t do.