Letters to the Editor

End status quo

Avila Beach has five building projects in the works. Our water company is concerned about residents conserving water. On the other hand, not much is expressed by our leadership concerning the extra water needed to support these projects.

Are we saving the water for the good of the state of California or for the promotion of more building?

If the projects are allowed by our Board of Supervisors, we may double our population in Avila Beach in just a few years.

Our Board of Supervisors should follow the lead from Cambria, where, in the past, any new construction required the builder to retrofit any existing homes to save the amount of water that each new building project would use.

The other issue is that all this increase in population will probably create a nightmare for transportation. The issue of traffic to and from Avila Beach cannot be solved by an additional emergency road. This would be a daily problem, which as of yet has no viable solution. Avila Beach needs support to sustain an acceptable ongoing lifestyle. Status quo from our Board of Supervisors is no longer an acceptable answer.