Letters to the Editor

Hypocritical language

It has become popular in the past 20 years for a few conservatives to use the juvenile term “Democrat Party.”

It is a passive-aggressive way to hurl an epithet at people who subscribe to liberal policies. By dropping the “-ic” from “Democratic,” the word ends in “rat.” This way, speakers/writers can hurl an insult and then deny responsibility by claiming their own ignorance on how to use proper grammar.

Rush Limbaugh, who is fond of calling college women who use birth control “sluts” and “Femi-Nazis,” has made this technique quite popular.

John Peschong used the term “Democrat political operatives” twice during his hand-wringing, May 31 commentary about “name-calling” in the political arena.

So, either Mr. Peschong was engaging in some “name-calling” of his own, or he lacks the language skills of an average seventh-grader.

I believe Mr. Peschong knew what he was doing. So, if someone says he is a hypocrite, that is not “name-calling”; it is an accurate label.