Letters to the Editor

Truth on ridicule

John Peschong cites an article in the newsletter of the Santa Lucia Chapter of the Sierra Club as proof of his thesis that “the trend of ridicule has spun dangerously out of hand” (“Abandon ridicule and discuss issues,” May 31). He notes (correctly) that in our rebuttal to a previous op-ed, we listed his work, associations and “perceived biases.” He claims (incorrectly) that we did so “while only briefly addressing the actual issue at hand.”

The issue at hand was fracking. He claimed that California is doing a great job of regulating oil production and that the oil industry’s “traditional methods” are a model of safe operation. Roughly nine-tenths of our critique measured the distance between Mr. Peschong’s claims and the facts; one-tenth listed Mr. Peschong’s work with the Koch brothers and the oil industry, allowing readers to consider the source.

We showed that Mr. Peschong’s arguments were without merit. That’s not ridicule. Subsequent events have further refuted his claims. Does he believe the Santa Barbara oil spill is just trying to make him look bad?

Claims like that may leave one open to well, you know.