Letters to the Editor

Competing rights

I am writing in response to recent letters in favor of the Las Pilitas mine project.

While arguing in favor of the private property rights of the mine owners, they seem to overlook the rights of the hundreds of home and business owners of the town of Santa Margarita.

Currently, there is daily heavy gravel truck traffic roaring through the center of town from the Hanson quarry. An additional quarry would greatly increase this horrible truck presence and greatly reduce the value of our private property.

There is also the argument that El Camino Real is a highway. Consider this kind of traffic burden on the towns of Shell Beach or Pismo Beach. Or, what about South Higuera Street, which was the highway when my parents moved here?

Why should our sleepy little hamlet be subjected to this assault? The Plan ning Commission denied approval of this project; we hope that the Board of Supervisors does, as well.