Letters to the Editor

Power back on fast

Late in the afternoon on April 13, more than 2,700 folks in San Luis Obispo were suddenly without power. A truck had demolished a power pole on Johnson Avenue, and the downed high-voltage power lines trapped the driver in the truck for more than an hour.

PG&E kept us updated on the situation, and ultimately predicted a 7 a.m. next-day fix.

So we lit every candle and oil lamp in the house, plugged the cellphone into the car for charging, and settled in for a non-electronic evening.

Less than a half hour later, the house lights came on again and the aquarium pumps restarted — about 12 hours ahead of schedule.

I want to acknowledge and thank the talented and stalwart PG&E employees who respond to emergencies, and who restored the power in such short order.

PG&E employs some great people!