Letters to the Editor

Try raising the funds

Regarding the April 21 article, “Tennis players lobby for lights at Sinsheimer Park,” I belong to a tennis club, Surfside, and whenever our members needed additional tennis courts or improvements to the courts, we raised the money to fund the work — two courts at Los Osos Middle School and one court at the county tennis complex in Los Osos.

I would suggest the SLO adult tennis group put on fundraisers and gather money from their players in order to add lighting. Perhaps only adding lights on one or two courts to begin with would be helpful. (The $200,000 is a huge price tag for the city of San Luis Obispo to light six courts.)

While I support tennis throughout our area, I don’t believe using parks money to provide lighting is the right use of the funds, as the parks and recreation departments have pressing needs for children’s programs. I favor this adult group working for and providing their own funds to add this benefit to the tennis complex.