Letters to the Editor

Plenty of material

After opening my April 17 issue of The Tribune and reading Charles Krauthammer’s column (“Clinton’s Marie Antoinette van tour,”) I knew, early as it is, that the 2016 presidential campaign has started in earnest. Why? Because after six long years of unrelenting criticism of President Barack Obama, by conjuring up his mistakes and errors of judgement, both real and imagined, Krauthammer today has switched his focus to Hillary Clinton.

He suggests that, be cause of her great wealth, her patronizing attempts to connect with ordinary folks will fall flat. Krauthammer says she is not a good campaigner and that her “unshakeable inauthenticity” and unlikeability will be handicaps to her efforts to win the presidency.

Those who may be on the lookout for appropriate items to pillar Hillary with between now and November 2016 need look no further than Krauthammer’s columns. You’ll find plenty of ammunition there!