Letters to the Editor

Fire help not needed

I hope to shed a little light on a real problem with having so many public employees. Take the cost of our fire departments. Never have I heard of a job that pays good full-time wages for, at best, part-time work. The majority of the time we are paying these guys, they are not fighting fires or saving lives, but rather, they are grocery shopping, polishing the vehicles, going to the gym or sleeping at the firehouse.

Not only are we paying them big salaries now, but we will continue to pay them for the rest of their lives — far after they retire from grocery shopping, polishing vehicles, going to the gym and sleeping at the firehouse.

And to add insult to injury, county residents now have to pay an extra $150 per year for fire services.

I have lived in this county for over 30 years and have never needed fire services. I already pay for homeowners fire insurance.

Instead of hiring all of these fire personnel, why don’t we use the people incarcerated in our jails to do the job? Or privatize the fire services, and let our fire insurance pay for any services used the same way my auto insurance pays for damages?