Letters to the Editor

At least there’s that

If the county approves the Phillips 66 oil-by-rail project, the frequent catastrophic oil train derailments that have been in the news lately could be coming here, along with the increased volume of oil trains.

Paso Robles is asking for new federal safety regulations, but these would take effect over many years and are likely to be gutted by oil and railroad lobbyists before they do (“Paso Robles wants safer rail cars for shipping oil,” April 11).

I was one of those at the Paso Robles City Council meeting, in which we begged council members to pass a resolution like the one that several California cities have sent to the county to protest the Phillips 66 project.

Our requests were either ignored or met with dismissive comments like “Such resolutions are useless.”

Our country has a long history of protests that were often called “useless,” but which eventually brought beneficial change. If one of the mile-long oil trains derails and explodes in the center of our town, perhaps the Paso Robles City Council could erect a plaque in the rubble. It could say, “We passed no useless resolutions.”