Letters to the Editor

Choice on our Earth

April 22 marks a day in a year in which bold actions must take place to reverse the rapidly growing, detrimental effects of climate change. With the Paris Climate Summit scheduled for December, the intervening months can be a time of vigorous action needed to slow the acceleration of rising CO2 emissions that are causing our planet to warm.

Citizens’ Climate Lobby’s proposal to tax carbon at its source and return all of the fees collected to U.S. households will move markets toward clean, fossil-fuel-free energy sources.

Millions of much-needed renewable sector jobs will be created, and the economy will grow by $1.375 trillion more than an economy with no carbon fee. Also, 227,000 lives will be spared the effects of air pollution, and CO2 emissions will be reduced by 52 percent. Economists on both sides of the political fence support CCL’s carbon fee and dividend plan including conservative economists Greg Mankiw, George Schultz and Hank Paulson.

We must resolve this Earth Day to walk down the path of healing our Earth. The alternative is to destroy any chance we have for a livable planet for our grandchildren. The choice is ours, and the time to act is now.